Using Experian’s Mosaic Tool

Potential D worked with Experian to segment the E mail data. This included dividing the responsive data into groups which are defined by individual characteristics.
Grouping the responsive data into recognised segments providing greater flexibility with our marketing tasks.

By segmenting people according to their characteristics and behaviour, we effectively communicate with consumers about the things that matter to them, by the most relevant channel.


“With Mosaic UK, we weren’t disappointed by the data resources and technologies placed at our disposal. The difference between pre and post-Experian campaigns is as clear as black and white.”

What makes Mosaic Unique?

Mosaic divides the UK population into 15 Groups and 66 more detailed types. It uses over 400 data variables and paints a unique picture of UK consumers based on their demographic characteristics, lifestyles, and behaviour. enabled across channels it provides a joined-up. approach to gaining insight and targeting consistently. Potential D Ltd have identified a number of very responsive groups using email data.