Revolutionising Lead Generation for the Automotive Industry

Unlock the full potential of your automotive brand with our advanced lead generation and email marketing platforms. Experience significant returns on investment and transparency like never before.

Premium Publishers

Potential D builds on 14 years of experience and relationships to deliver the UK’s top premium publishers with genuine in-market leads for automotive clients. Leveraging our extensive network, we ensure your brand connects with the most relevant and high-quality leads available.

Data-Driven Optimisation

Utilising Driftrock technology, we scale the volume of leads and enhance lead conversion rates through data-driven optimisation. Our sales match and tracking systems offer transparent insights, enabling effective optimisation of publisher campaigns. This approach ensures that only the most relevant and high-quality leads reach our clients, maximising ROI.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

The same Driftrock technology seamlessly integrates with various digital media channels, supporting a comprehensive multi-channel strategy. This approach ensures that your brand is consistently and effectively present throughout the consumer’s buying journey, whether through search, social media, print, display, or AI-powered chat. Our technology connects and automates across 20+ sources, fitting perfectly with other media partners and agency campaigns.

Advanced Tech Platforms

Utilising the Driftrock lead generation platform, we optimise return on investment through real-time lead syncing from premium publishers to automotive OEMs. Our process includes validation, deduplication, and strict acceptance criteria to ensure only the highest quality leads are delivered. Have a look at the video, showing how leads can be delivered (in real time) to an OEM, using the Driftrock platform.


The automotive industry is evolving, and so should your approach to lead generation.

As the market shifts towards digital integration, it's essential
to adopt strategies that not only attract but convert high-quality leads. Embrace the future with innovative technology and data-driven insights to drive your automotive brand forward.